Any Day Now


After wrapping up my subtext for X-Men First Class, I took a break after putting my daughter to bed and watched the next film on my list. It ended up being the one pictured above.

I…had no idea what the hell I was getting into. This film depressed the fuck out of me tonight. If I could cry any more over it, I would. It’s a true story, detailing the story of two gay men, Rudy and Paul, who take in their neighbor’s child- who has Down Syndrome- after she abandons him. The entire thing is about the love between the two men- one a prim lawyer, the other a drag queen with a velvet voice- and how they come together as a family when the boy, Marco, is put into their custody. Their battle to keep him, though, is the real drive of the film. Marco’s mother is a serious drug addict who neglects and resents her son, and winds up in jail on a drug charge. She signs papers granting temporary custody to Rudy and Paul. There is a glorious family unit that forms when Marco moves into his new home, and it’s perfect in every way. So much love between these three unlikely people, so much acceptance and patience and understanding. But, since the film takes place in the 70s (and still syncs with today), you know the happiness won’t last- someone will find out that the boy is in a home with two gay men, and he’ll be taken away. And the men will have to fight an uphill battle for the boy they consider their son, and they’ll fucking lose. You know it’s gonna happen, but it rips your soul apart nonetheless.

This film should be REQUIRED VIEWING for ANYONE who DARES to vote against same sex marriage and LGBT adoption. If you can watch Any Day Now, and process it for the true story it is, and still come out and vote against those issues, then there is no hope for you at all. Zero.

And to Alan Cumming, who plays Rudy in the film: you are *breathtakingly gorgeous.* Thank you for your performance here. I don’t know where you had to go or what you had to do in order to give us this character, but I heard you. I heard you loud and clear, and I love you so much for it.


~ by hln351 on March 26, 2015.

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