Julio and Tenoch


Y Tu Mama Tambien. A story of two boys, Julio and Tenoch, who go on an impromptu road trip with and older woman, Luisa, to a private beach called Heaven’s Mouth and experience all kinds of awakenings along the way.

The entire time watching this tonight was spent by me yelling at the screen over the OBVIOUS sexual tension between the two male leads. I kept wondering why the hell they kept going after the ladies- but not everyone lives in my sexually free fantasy world. They were both so fucking into each other that I just couldn’t take it anymore- and then the female, Luisa, who goes on the road trip with the two boys, and gets in the middle of a fight (lover’s quarrel) between them, said it for me: “You two can go fuck yourselves! I thought you’d be different, but you’re animals! Your manifesto is a bunch of bullshit! Breaking your own rules. Typical men! Fighting like dogs and marking their territory. What you really want is to fuck each other!”

YEP. Thank you!!! I figured at that point I’d see some physical contact between the boys. She obviously noticed the tension. And, in fact, from this point on, she basically makes it her real goal to bring the two of them together in a way where they can face their attraction to one another. (AN.TER.OS.) It happens, oh it happens, after a night of drinking, she seduced both of them into a threesome, and then sort of bows out of it when the two boys finally- FINALLY- kiss. And, oh, that kiss is something else. I was yelling “YES! YES!” when it finally happened. Unfortunately, the actual sex act between them is cut after the kiss, and we see them wake up naked next to each other. Bah- but, then, this movie is like 14 years old, so what did I expect…at that point, we’re lucky we got the kiss.

But seriously- the video link is to the kiss, and out of the several sex scenes in the film, it’s BY FAR the most passionate. And that was the point. This is the real “Heaven’s Mouth.” Ahhh… Yes. (I love you, Alfonso Cuaron. Thank you so much for that kiss.) Besides the queer subtext throughout, there is also heavy political subtext as well that fits beautifully into the story of people of so many different backgrounds coming together and sharing an amazing experience. Unfortunately, the ending- which had me fuming (Anteros, too, seriously), is nonetheless probably realistic, but dammit…the tension between them is even worse then. And it ends with poor Julio sitting alone with tears in his eyes because he knows he’ll never see Tenoch again.

Hate it. Kills me. Fucking kills me. But, that kiss… Yeah, that was worth the whole build up. There’s hunger in that kiss. Terrible, wanting, insatiable hunger.


(Aren’t they beautiful? Sigh. In a perfect world…)


~ by hln351 on March 17, 2015.

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