Isabella of Parma and Maria Christina

“The princess spent most of her time in the Viennese court, not with her husband, but with his sister, Archduchess Maria Christina who was, by marriage, also the Duchess of Saxony-Teschen. The two women seemed to have a romantic lesbian affair.[1][2] They spent so much time together that they earned the comparison with Orpheus and Eurydice.

Isabel and Maria were united not only by a shared interest in music and art but also by a deep mutual love.[3] Every day they wrote long letters to each other in which they revealed their feelings of love. While the letters of Maria Christina showed her happy nature, Isabel’s feelings were mixed and, in her expressions of affection, showed a certain pessimism, reflecting her growing obsession with death.

In one such letter, Isabella wrote:

“I am writing you again, cruel sister, though I have only just left you. I cannot bear waiting to know my fate, and to learn whether you consider me a person worthy of your love, or whether you would like to throw me into the river…. I can think of nothing but that I am deeply in love. If I only knew why this is so, for you are so without mercy that one should not love you, but I cannot help myself.”.[4]
In a different letter she wrote: “I am told that the day begins with God. I, however, begin the day by thinking of the object of my love, for I think of her incessantly.”.[5]

Only the letters of Isabella have been preserved; those of Maria Christina were destroyed after her death.”

-Wiki entry on Princess Isabella of Parma

And and another pair that’s been added to my list. This entire story is compounded by the fact that Isabella’s husband seemed to genuinely love her, and did not understand her constant state of melancholy during her difficult pregnancies or her ever growing obsession with death. How unbelievably sad.

I also note that Maria Christina was an older sister of Marie Antoinette. Very interesting.


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