Tom Tykwer’s Three.


Ah!! This film. I found this last night by complete accident. Directed by Tom Tykwer, the guy behind Perfume: The Story of a Murderer and Run Lola Run- this film is the tale of a successful couple in their 40s who have hit a wall in their relationship (for many reasons.) In comes Adam, this devastatingly sexy (seriously, watch the film) genius scientist who just happens to shirk all sexual identities and embrace sexuality as a whole. He first meets the female, Hanna, who is also a fellow scientist and a local media personality, and they hit it off. She begins an affair with him. Her husband, Simon, who has just undergone surgery for testicular cancer and worries about how that will affect his fertility and sexual prowess, meets Adam at a local pool who..well, proves to Simon in a SMOKING HOT SCENE that he is still able to do the deed. Hanna and Simon both carry out the affair, unbeknownst to each other, and Adam also unaware that the two are involved- which is where the film fits its “Romantic comedy” category. When Hanna learns she’s pregnant, and eventually learns what’s been going on between Adam and Simon, the three part ways. However, Adam is in love with both of them, and is heartbroken. Eventually, they decide to try and figure out the clusterfuck of their relationships with one another, and to keep the babies- no paternity test. They’re just going to raise them together, all 3 of them. (I think Tom secretly knows all about my heart and made this film for me.) Do I even need to say that I fucking L.O.V.E. this film? Actually, I’ll let the dialogue from my absolute favorite scene in the film speak my prostrate devotion for me:

After their first encounter at the pool, Simon invites Adam to a bar for a drink. Simon is visibly nervous and completely confused. After they both exchange numbers, Simon confesses to Adam that he’s not gay, then changes his mind and says he is gay now, but then says he doesn’t really know what the hell is going on. Adam, amused by this, tells Simon “Don’t get uptight.”

Simon tells him “It isn’t so easy.”

Adam replies with: “Yes, it is. Just say farewell.”

Simon asks: “To what?”

Adam says: “To your deterministic view of biology.”

FUCK. YEAH. YEAH!! Tom Tykwer, thank you, just…fucking thank you. Seriously, so much. Thank you. Thank you for this entire amazing film. And mother of GOD thank you for Adam. I wanted to crawl through the screen and fly off with him like Zeus with Ganymede. He is exactly what I believe in, and he fits- so well- as a character that can challenge anyone’s sexuality because he oozes it. He is the definition of sensuality. Everyone desires him, inside the story and out (I read those reviews- even “straight” guys want him) and he is the PERFECT example of what a character needs to be in order to make a story like this work. Eros and Anteros were both gripping my arms last night as I watched this story. Anteros kept pointing at the screen and yelling “That’s it! That’s exactly what I want!” And Eros just sighed and moaned into my ear when Adam takes Hanna into his labs, and when Adam first comes on to Simon. What beauty. What incredible beauty.


(that ^^ is the come on look Adam gives Simon just before their first encounter. Seriously, if someone that fucking sexy, male or female, came onto me like that, I’da fucked them where they stood.)

and can I just say that I LOVE that he heals both Hanna and Simon in their own ways so they can be a real couple again, albeit with one more because they can’t live without him nor he without them. And all of them are smart, strong, successful people who just happen to fall in love. Just, yes. All of this, yes.



~ by hln351 on March 14, 2015.

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