Pim and Gino- North Sea Texas


I fucking love this film. I’ve watched the scenes between Pim and Gino so many times over the past two years I sometimes see them in my dreams, just out of the blue. (Seriously.) I honestly don’t know how the director or the actors created the unparalleled burning chemistry between such two young people- it’s mind blowing. If I didn’t know any better, I’d swear it was real.

The clip is the trailer to the film, but it doesn’t show much of the scenes between the two leads, unfortunately. The film is on Netflix, however, and if you want to see the chemistry for yourself, I’d recommend watching it. The film is also really sad, so be forewarned. Pim is an affection-starved 14 year old whose mother wishes she’d never had him, and he finds family and love with the neighbors who take him in as if he were one of their own. Pim and Gino fall in some seriously crazy love with each other, and they embark on a journey of sexual awakening and personal growth together. The film is objectively very good, I love it, but no joke, the scenes between Pim and Gino… My God. (my favorite is the last scene of the film…just, holy fucking GOD the chemistry is OUTRAGEOUS). If you can watch these two without getting massively turned on, there is seriously something wrong with you.

God bless Belgium.

(There is a very poignant scene between Gino, Pim, and Gino’s mother. In it, we find out that she knows about Gino and Pim, and she makes a move to keep them together. It’s amazing.)

Just LOOK at them. My God. Eros and Anteros must have been clawing at the sight.



~ by hln351 on March 10, 2015.

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