La Vie En Rose

This is what absolute heartbreak feels like. There is no better example that I can present than this scene from the *phenomenal* French film La Vie En Rose. Here is where the famous singer Edith Piaf begs the love of her life, the boxer Marcel Cerdan, to come visit her. He agrees. She later learns, after hallucinating his arrival, that Marcel died when his plane crashed earlier that day. Her reaction, her insanity when the reality of his death strikes her, is a scene I’ve never been able to forget. Naked heartbreak. This is what it looks like. This is how it affects you.

And I love- I LOVE- that the scene ends with transitioning Edith in the hallway to Edith on the stage. She put all she had, all she felt into her music because it was the only way she knew how to deal with it. This is how true art is born.

I’m posting this here for me, as a reminder and for reassurance that if I’m going to attempt to create something that will make me stand back and say, when it’s finished, “Yes, That’s it” then I’m going to have to follow the same formula that Edith does. That every artist I’ve ever loved follows. I don’t care where this writing journey ends up, I don’t care if I’m ever published or if people ever give a fuck about what I say- what I care about is that the stories are good, that they truly mean something and serve a purpose to me, and that if I do decide at some point to share them with someone, anyone, that I can do so with the knowledge that I put everything I had into them. Work, dedication, but most importantly- honesty.

Edith was honest. This film is a true story. And if she can be so fucking brave, then I should be too.


~ by hln351 on March 7, 2015.

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