“A rite of passage for gay men in particular, the coming out story is now firmly engrained in popular culture. After years of living with a dark secret, the truth is finally revealed to friends and family as the closet doors are flung open. Like a butterfly emerging from its chrysalis, the gay man is born. The act of disclosure is so powerful and (often) traumatic that it is final. The transition from straight to gay is absolute. There is no turning back.

The problem with this narrative, of course, is that sexuality is much more complex than that.

Short of being the final act, coming out in a straight world is a life-long process involving ongoing disclosures in various social contexts. In this sense, one is never truly free of the closet and sexuality is never really finished business.”


“It is this love, not labels, that should define our relationships. Here Daley’s announcement was striking for its simplicity: “In an ideal world I shouldn’t be doing this video, as it shouldn’t matter.”

We’re not there yet, but with people like Daley brave enough to swim against the tide, we will get there.”



~ by hln351 on March 4, 2015.

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