Please, Hollywood.

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Aren’t these two pieces of fan art absolutely beautiful? They’re both done by people of the younger generation, Marie V and Mandalay87. I’m ecstatic to see such tolerance and acceptance spreading so fast amongst the young because they will be the ones who will help us pull the true meaning of love into our collective consciousness. I’ve also noticed in my reading today a growing acceptance and special kind of love for the love between two women- a lot of male and female comments on film and tv scenes depicting these relationships, ranging from “I wish someone would look at me like that,” or “I don’t know how anyone could see that as anything other than love.” Keep it up, guys, please. It’s working. It’s really working. We will all see the fruits of this sooner than you think, and then those chains that enslaved us all will be cut. You’ll inherit a world that will take a long time to heal, but it will, and you’ll get to watch that happen. Fan art like those above are important, so very very important. Life imitates art, art reflects life. Please keep it up.


It’s been a quiet night for me, not much reading or writing because I’ve been studying X-Men and formulating my analysis of its subtext. It’ll be the longest post ever when I finally get it done, but I have to do it, I need to know how this is done. And after going through First Class and Days of Future Past twice today, I am hoping- against everything- that the franchise will end with Erik and Charles finally given their day. There’s enough in the subtext of both films, and the last film, Apocalypse, has been kept as secretive as possible. I’m hoping that means we’ll finally see a huge Hollywood blockbuster comic book film portray a same sex relationship in the loving and respectful way it deserves. To be honest, like most of the LGBT community, I hope for it, but never expect it. I don’t have an immense amount of faith in this country’s film industry, or in our politics, so if I don’t see Erik and Charles finally get their first kiss in 2016, I won’t be surprised. I’ll be disappointed, though, especially since Sherlock is a definite go. Shouldn’t we, the richest country in the world, and still a major power, be able to beat the UK at this? Come on, we’ve got an immense platform, not to mention the *perfect* story in which to do a same sex relationship- X-Men is about outcasts, minorities, the next stage of evolution! What else could you possibly need? Five X-Men films, FIVE, and NOT ONE takes advantage of the unique stories in order to relate them to modern day battles for rights. The comics do! Why not the films?! Come on, enough with the white washing and heteronormativity and misogyny, let the X-Men films actually do what they’re supposed to fucking do- ADDRESS ACTUAL CIVIL RIGHTS ISSUES. Give us a kiss between Erik and Charles, dammit! Let them be in love in the open! Even the characters say in the films “No more hiding.” COME ON. Practice what you’re preaching here! Put more African-American characters in the fucking films- for God’s sake, Stan Lee based them off the segregation issues of the 1960s and the Malcolm X/Dr. King relationship, so where are the black X-Men?! First Class had ONE black man (who dies, big surprise there), and ONE Latina woman who ends up joining the “bad guy.” Give me a break. And the female characters? You guys do know that relegating female characters to subtextual roles for the closeted gay characters, or the “manipulative woman” roles is blatant misogyny, right? There are plenty of strong females in the original stories, so where the fuck are they in the films?! X-MEN IS SUPPOSED TO BE ABOUT ALL THESE PEOPLE, SO WHERE THE FUCK ARE THEY?!

Please, guys, Vaughan and Singer and Kinberg and Stentz, please don’t let this country down, please don’t let the UK humiliate us, please please please bring Erik and Charles together, please give the women actual roles and story lines, please bring more diversity to the cast. Please. In 2016, Apocalypse premieres. In 2016, Sherlock season 4 premieres. Please, let’s do this together. Put Erik and Charles up there with Sherlock and Watson. Let people see it, understand it. Stories are in their Golden Age right now, but most of the good ones are done by private companies (Amazon, Netflix) and paid channels like Showtime and HBO. Please- No more hiding. Let’s do it so we can move onto the other issues, and even start exploring serious story lines like these between two women (because the only country doing that right now is France.)

Give us love. Please. Someone has to be the first. You’ve the perfect platform, don’t waste it.


~ by hln351 on March 3, 2015.

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