NYT Divorce Rates

“There are many reasons for the drop in divorce, including later marriages, birth control and the rise of so-called love marriages. These same forces have helped reduce the divorce rate in parts of Europe, too. Much of the trend has to do with changing gender roles — whom the feminist revolution helped and whom it left behind.”


I’ll be really interested to see this visited 20/30 years from now after same sex marriage has been legalized nationwide, and we are able to track their success as well. They don’t mention SSM in the article, but many of the comments do- bringing up the fact that gay people are no longer forced into unhappy marriages to preserve their social standing, and can now marry for love. The article also states that education plays a huge role in how marriages fare because the people involved are more aware of themselves, what they want out of a marriage, and know about all the options open to them. (Which is why education is, as Lewis Black says, “a big fuck deal.” I’m not even gonna start in on tuition rates and the ego of academia because I’ll end up in my garage swinging a bat at my punching bag.)

This is very interesting to me, and I see a lot of hope- breaking down constructs to allow us, once again, to love freely. Same sex marriage will have an even bigger impact on future divorce rates and successful marriages/relationships, and I look forward to watching that unfold. I do believe that within maybe 500 or so years, we’ll see a breakdown of the marriage construct completely, and that’s something I definitely support. I’m married myself, and I’m happy, but I don’t see the need for marriage in the future, especially if all other constructs start to break down. Why do we need anything legal? If people want to be together, let them be together, and drop the legal bullshit. We don’t live in that world yet, so for now, love marriages/marriages based on equality are good enough for me. Redefine redefine and redefine until we realize we don’t need a definition at all.


~ by hln351 on March 3, 2015.

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