James Dean (Jim) and Sal Mineo (Plato)


Holy. Shit. Oh my GOD.

HOW did I not see this?! Well, ok, last time I saw this I wasn’t even a teenager yet, and I always thought Dean looked at Sal as a son, and Sal at Dean like a father.

No. All kinds of no. THAT IS SEXUAL TENSION. And nearly in a weird threesome dynamic in some of the scenes. But that look Dean gives Sal and vice versa? Uh, that’s not platonic. Not at all. And this was in 195-fuckin-5?!?! Subtext, I bow to thee.

Also, I read earlier tonight that the director Nicholas Ray knew Dean was bisexual and told him to play that up in his scenes with Sal. (Sal was gay, though I don’t think he was out of the closet at this point. Could be wrong.) And to add texture to the subtext, Dean told Sal to look at him the way Natalie Wood looks at Dean. And..um, it’s pretty visible. How in the HELL did I miss this?!

Seriously, subtext makes me feel so ignorant. WHAT THE HELL ELSE HAVE I MISSED.

I know nothing. I seriously know nothing. This journey keeps blindsiding me at every damn turn.


~ by hln351 on March 2, 2015.

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