I can vouch for this

“I do understand that fear. It’s hard enough for some guys to get laid as it is without thinking that women will judge you for having been with other dudes before. But seriously guys, any girl who’s put off by your experimental side is likely to be a shitty lay anyway. If she’s so basic that she can’t handle the fact that you also like men, how is she going to handle all that weird shit you’ve been saving up for a trusted and adventurous sex partner? The kind of dirty girl you’re looking for really doesn’t care about stuff like that. In fact, it probably turns her on.” -Vice

YES. A million fucking times YES. YES. Gray! Our sexuality is GRAY. You’ve no idea what’ll turn you on until you’re faced with it. I’m nuts about this- seriously. Keep an open mind, just, please… Anything I write is gonna tackle this because it’s the FUCKING truth.


~ by hln351 on March 2, 2015.

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