Lol. What can I say to this but YES. Gray, gray, gray. From the article:

“For this, my 100th post, I looked back at the data I collected last year from the 4,633 men and women who took the original Flexuality Test. Half of them identified themselves as “heterosexual” at the start of the test. But it should come as no surprise to readers of this blog that people who consider themselves straight have often had same-sex desires and experiences.”

Most of us who have already accepted our sexuality know this already, but for those who are still waking up, or have yet to be awoken, this is revolutionary. It has a immeasurable effect on those minds, and if it’s not handled with care, it can easily destroy them. But, in order to even attempt to understand our sexual identities, we have to first accept sexuality in general. We struggle with sex so much as a species, and we do so needlessly. Sex is natural, it’s beautiful, and spiritual, carnal, at the basest of our needs and at the highest of our accomplishments. (yes, I’m serious- sex is that important. It is.) In our culture, we have reduced sex to a sin, or a simple act of getting off, and we forget that it’s also meant to serve as a way to unite with another person, to quite literally get into them and feel their soul from the inside out. There’s nothing sinful about it. Nothing shameful. Too many hang-ups and inhibitions get in the way of understanding that- and that goes *especially* for same sex attraction. Now that the floodgates are open, there’s no stopping the current- we are evolving. And a large part of that will be our sexuality, progressing forward into territory of which we’ve only had a tiny glimpse.



~ by hln351 on March 2, 2015.

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