X-Men subtext

I just saw the subtext in X-Men First Class and Days of Future Past for the first time. I’m going to break it down and post it because it’s… It’s.. Look, the Hank (Beast) and Raven (Mystique) relationship serves as the subtext for the Charles and Erik storyline. It fits perfectly with nothing out of place- that’s not a coincidence. I’m gonna analyze this entirely. It just made these two films INFINITELY more beautiful than I ever thought they were. I cried my eyes out watching both tonight- I felt like I was seeing them for the first time. This whole subtext thing has overtaken my life, and I’m starting to see it everywhere. It makes me feel like an idiot- like, what else have I missed? What other things have I been completely oblivious to? I’m formulating the analysis on these two films because I wanna learn how they’re doing it. I’ve done the same with Sherlock, but I learned that whole thing from other people who are educated to see subtext. There are a few small things I picked up on that I haven’t seen anywhere else, but that’s it. The X-Men, though- there’s no sites dedicated to its subtext, none. And I’ve been through First Class and Days of Future Past enough times testing my theory, and I’m 100% sure I’m right. I’ll tell you, for as much as I think I know, I’m always surprised when Art forces me to see the truth- that I know nothing. None of us do. Lesson in humility for me, as always.

But seeing this everywhere now is driving me up the wall. What the hell else have I totally missed in life? I need to find every example of subtext I can find in film and book. As a concept, it’s frustrating because the real story is only to be told between the lines, and the surface story is only there to filter out anything that might offend an audience. Frustrating as hell. But there is a undeniable beauty to it- it requires us to think, to look beyond what’s happening in front of your face, and it allows stories to be told without having to spell them out. All of this reminded me tonight of this verse from Baudelaire’s Flowers of Evil:

“In Nature’s temple, living pillars rise

Speaking sometimes in words of abstruse sense.

Man walks through wood of symbols, dark and dense,

which gaze at him with fond, familiar eyes.”


~ by hln351 on March 1, 2015.

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