Mozart and Salieri

Clip 1– Salieri complaining about Mozart– Clip 2, Salieri discovering Mozart’s music– Clip 3, Salieri dedicates himself to Mozart

I had to go back through this film again recently so I could re-absorb the crazy love/hate relationship of Salieri towards Mozart. One of my favorite things about the film Amadeus is that it’s told from an outsider’s perspective where Mozart is the one being observed. Salieri is this perspective.

Honestly, looking at the passion that Salieri had for Mozart, it seems so innocent to me, but like with all these kinds of stories, I also tend to see some kind of attraction. No, not sexual tension, not even really a base attraction- no. This goes WAY beyond that. This is a man who worships music, and he meets a composer who is not only immature and a total flake, but a once in a lifetime genius who speaks music, and is, as Salieri calls him, the “voice of God.”

I love, and can totally relate to Salieri’s total disgust with the Mozart’s childish antics, but he cannot help but be pulled into Mozart’s tongue of fire musical genius. I’d actually go as far as to say Salieri falls head over heels in love with Mozart. He is annoyed by him- can’t stand him at times, actually- but at the end of Mozart’s life, he spends all his time translating Mozart’s unfinished musical compositions onto the page. I’d definitely say that’s the actions of someone in love. In fact, I’d say it crosses a bit into sexual tension at times, especially that last clip, where Salieri and Mozart are singing together. Creating something alone is sensual enough- creating something together… No sex in the world can come near that.

These two…are amazing. Mozart was in love with music, and Salieri was in love with Mozart. Mozart not only let Salieri see through his eyes, he allowed him to crawl inside him and hear his compositions for himself.

No greater intimacy.


~ by hln351 on March 1, 2015.

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