Ennis and Jack


That kiss. That. Kiss. God, when I saw this film for the first time, this scene flayed me alive. That kiss. Years of being apart, and all the frustration built up inside them, finally a release. Mother of GOD. I do feel for the wife here quite a bit, I really do. She provides a painful contrast to the passion between Ennis and Jack- I feel for all of them. They’ve all been roped into loveless marriages because these two men can’t be together, and wives and children are what’s expected of them. I love this film so much, but I don’t watch it much because it depresses the fuck out of me. But that kiss… God.

I fell in love with Heath Ledger because of his performance here. Jake, too, of course. But Heath is…well, the author who wrote the short story this film is based on said herself that Heath’s interpretation of Ennis Del Mar was exactly how she imagined him to be. Jake and Heath were so ridiculously brave to take these roles as seriously as they did. God rest Ledger’s soul, what a massive loss to the art world.


~ by hln351 on February 28, 2015.

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