Alex and Piper

I’m not including this example so much for the chemistry between the characters of Alex and Piper, which, to me at least, tends to be a bit one sided (Alex towards Piper), but for their fucked up, totally realistic dynamic. This is pretty dead on. Crazy loves like this will fuck you up, and that’s exactly what Piper does to Alex. They both end up in prison when Piper begins running drugs for the international drug dealer, Alex, and they’re both caught. The insanity of their love affair with danger and with each other continues in prison. To be honest, I’m not a fan of Piper’s character really, but I LOVE Alex. She is magnetic, ballsy, and fucking hot as hell. I hope that she ends up finding someone more worthy of her love, though, as we all know, love doesn’t work like that. Sometimes we end up falling for someone we know is a terrible bet.

By the way, this entire show, based on a true story, is fantastic.


~ by hln351 on February 24, 2015.

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