Godric and Eric


I have a love/hate relationship with True Blood. Love when the satire is right on, love when the flamboyant and beautiful kitchen cook Lafayette is on the screen, love when Harris and Ball invoke Ricean vampires. Hate when the show deviated from the storyline, hate when things got ridiculous and convoluted, hate that series ending, seriously wtf was up with that?

But this scene is a moment between two characters, Godric, an obvious Rice inspiration, and Eric, the blonde Nordic warrior. (Harris fully acknowledges this- she alludes to Rice several times in the stories.) Dark, sexy, homoerotic. Blood everywhere. I love it. It was the one moment this show held me in thrall. But, in all honesty, all it does is make me long, long, long for a true and full adaption of Rice’s Vampire Chronicles. If we can explore all those taboo subjects on this satirical show, why can’t we just go all out serious?

It’s time. We’re ready now. Until then, I have these few moments of “what if.”


~ by hln351 on February 23, 2015.

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