Blue Is The Warmest Color, favorite scene

This is the entire film, however it’s without subtitles (good, shouldn’t be watching it on YouTube anyway) but the scene I’m gonna point to here doesn’t need subtitles. No dialogue present. It’s at 17:48. Pretty self explanatory. It’s the moment of sexual awakening for Adele as she fantasizes about the blue haired girl, Emma, after she first encounters her on the street.

If I had to point to one scene as an example of what it’s like as a woman to be with another woman, this is it. More erotic than you can imagine. Sensual, very sensual. Soft, yet aggressive. This scene spells it out. What’s going on here is *exactly* what I’m trying to translate into words. Not easy. Especially since I’m so used to just feeling it and picking up on these emotions in other people. Not easy for me at all to do this.

This scene is a serious turn on. This is real, no corners cut at all. Exactly what I’m going for. I love this film with all my heart.


~ by hln351 on February 19, 2015.

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