Sherlock and John, the pool scene.

Scene from Sherlock that I scream at regularly. This is Sherlock confronting his arch nemesis Moriarity (who is big time in love with Sherlock and super bitter over the fact that he chose “boring” John Watson over him). The part I love starts at 1:27. Yeah, that angle they chose there, totally intentional. Very suggestive of oral sex. And notice…Watson doesn’t start his heavy breathing until Sherlock is on his knees and ripping the coat off him. Aaaaand then he goes weak in the knees. Not from the bomb- from Sherlock. It’s made to seem otherwise, and that’s the genius of this show- they hide this in plain sight. John isn’t in fright over the bomb, we already know he handles situations like this in the show with logic and bravery- he’s turned the hell on from Sherlock.

Not to mention this is also the subtext scene where Watson realizes he’s hopelessly in love with Sherlock. Earlier in the scene, he offered to die for him. And you can see what that does to the stoic Sherlock later in this scene- he’s all kinds of rattled. This is the beginning of his falling in love with John.

This show. This show. Good fucking GOD. I scream at this scene all the time. GOD DAMMIT, WILL YOU TWO JUST FUCK AND GET IT OVER WITH PLEASE.


~ by hln351 on February 18, 2015.

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