Pascal and Micheletto

The Borgias- the tragic love story between the assassin, Micheletto, who works for the Borgia family, and Pascal, the spy hired by the assassin of a rival family, the Sforzas. This is the definition of forbidden love. Homosexuality when it was punishable by death, love between agents of rival families (pretty much a foreshadowing of their tragic end). This clip is set to some kind of music, but I couldn’t find any others, so I’m just using this. I wish to God I could find a clip of the scene where the assassin, Rufio, from the Sforza family comes to where Pascal and Micheletto live in Rome to check in on the progress Pascal is making in spying on Micheletto and the Borgia family. Their conversation gives me chills every. single. time.

Pascal: What are you doing here?

Rufio: Checking on my lady’s investments. We all need vermin like you to search out secrets, communicate, anything that cannot be held in a diplomatic pouch.

Pascal: You should leave now. He could return.

Rufio: He’s in the North, I heard. Far from here.

Pascal: Doing what?

Rufio: Are you not being paid good coin to find that out?

Pascal: I have to tread carefully with him. I have to earn his affection.

Rufio: Mmm. The long game. That will only last as long as his love lasts.

Pascal: Then there is time, even for vermin like me.

Rufio: Is it possible? Have you fallen for him?

Pascal: I’m in a Devil’s bed, Rufio. Have you ever been embraced by the Devil? Hm? You ever felt his touch? Have you ever dared to touch him? I doubt it.

Rufio: Yes… That’s…love.

Chilling. And beautiful. Such a tragic story, lies and betrayal and forbidden love, and it destroys them both. But not before they fall in love. Even when Micheletto knows he’s been betrayed by Pascal, he still loves him. Love will destroy everything you know about yourself.


~ by hln351 on February 14, 2015.

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