I’ve fallen head first into the black hole that is the Johnlock conspiracy. Mother of GOD, these people put a lot of time into this. I had no idea how enormous this fandom was until today. I honestly can’t tell if they’re completely whacked, or if they will end up proven right. Damned if they don’t make convincing arguments. They also could be way over analyzing everything. I really don’t know. Only time will tell. Spending the entire day learning about what subtext REALLY is (had no idea) has sparked major ideas for me. I loooooove love love this idea of metaphor and symbolism. We severely lack it in our modern culture.

After reading all this evidence, I’m down to two possibilities:

1) should the johnlockers be proven right, that Sherlock and John end up in a romantic relationship, this show will go down in history as the most intense sexual tension build-up and the greatest release in the history of anything and everything.

2) if they’re wrong, and they very well could be, this shows me that not only do people accept this idea of open sexuality, they *want* it. Stories like these are desperately desired.

That’s some fucking good news right there.


~ by hln351 on February 13, 2015.

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