It’s seen as a cautionary tale on the Victorian fear of female sexuality- bah. On the surface, sure. Didn’t Stoker mean it that way, too? Pretty sure. What I see is Stoker’s repressed sexual fantasies and hidden desires. What I see is an entire era of Victorians subconsciously crying out to be free. Well, hell, I mean look at how some people received the book- extreme praise from critics but didn’t sell well. Not until much later did the story become popular- when we, as a society, started to challenge gender roles and sexual identity. (Also, in part thanks to Nosferatu).

Besides all that, here we see its finest adaption to screen (in my opinion, of course) thanks to the incredible art direction and the legendary performance by Gary Oldman. I cannot stand Winona Ryder, but Gary Oldman dominates the scene anyway, and just watch how the sexuality of the vampire is interpreted. Flowing, neon green smoke (didn’t I read somewhere that green light indicates the presence of a spirit or phantom?) that snakes it’s way across the floor and under the sheets of Mina’s bed, caressing her, seducing her, until it forms into Dracula who is huddled over Mina like an incubus.

This scene turns me the fuck on every time I watch it. Look at all the sexual imagery. Skin, caressing, neon smoke, thin and translucent clothing, posh setting, rich colors, red red red, blood, red, long and flowing hair, on and on and on. The tension is so thick you can almost see it.

As an aside- I notice that in a lot of stories like this where the woman is being seduced by a dark creature- Dracula/Phantom of the Opera/Tosca, etc-the women always choose the “honorable man” over the sexy “bad boy.” Booooorrrriiinnnng.


~ by hln351 on February 13, 2015.

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