Frank and Eleanor- Byzantium

Vampires are sex. They represent all shades, all perversions, all wrapped up in a dichotomy of pleasure and pain. There is not a vampire book, film, or song that I haven’t experienced. I’ve long ago embraced my identity- I know exactly what I am. And so, films like these are not my just my heart or my soul, but my entire self. They are me. Everything about them is who I am- darkness and light, pain and pleasure, good and evil, everything. This particular film, Byzantium, directed by the only man I think truly understands the creature, Neil Jordan, is filled with the usual struggles vampires face in their stories, but this one adds a unique touch- an unlikely love between a young boy, Frank, who is dying of cancer, and the 200 year old vampire girl, Eleanor. Their chemistry is extremely innocent, yet they are both touched with darkness and death. The lovers of vampires in stories are usually those filled with life and light- their opposite- symbolic of the constant balance between light and dark in nature. Here, however, it’s two souls very alike for very different reasons. Rather than chemistry built on seduction and spells of the vampire over their lover, this one is sadness and heartbreak and loneliness. Only Neil Jordan could’ve done this.

The clip is pretty rough (you’ll see why) but not terrible quality.

This film made me depressed for weeks. Not kidding.

One of my end goals in life is to write a vampire story of my own. It’s very challenging to make one unique- a lot has been done already. But this is something I will do, eventually. It’s not a story that will be easy for me to tell- and I walk away from it a lot out of fear from how it’ll make me look. For some reason though, I always come back to it. It’s hard enough keeping yourself in a certain mindset in order to write a story- in fact, my efforts to do just that so I can continue what I’m working on now is starting to take its toll on me. I really am truly afraid that if I keep myself in the “vampire” mindset that I’ll never come out of it. And that’s why I shy away from it. I think, perhaps, like Eleanor says in the film, I’m “just not ready.”


~ by hln351 on February 12, 2015.

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