Sherlock Holmes and John Watson

Once again, I have to state for the record that I am not a “shipper,” and I do not push for the whole “Johnlock” thing that has the Internet going crazy. However, just like the Charles and Erik deal, the fans of John and Sherlock’s agonizingly ambiguous relationship have definite points. I don’t need to say much here because the video I linked here pretty much explains itself. I’ve watched this entire series 4 times- the first three because the show is absolutely fucking brilliant, the last just recently to review all the subtext that is supposedly in the series. Now, I’d already caught onto it the first time, and had always assumed that Sherlock and Watson were something more than friends but less than lovers, and I still came to that same conclusion watching it again this last time. They are quite good at never really defining what their relationship is, aren’t they? The books are like this, too- very homoerotic, but never really crossing that line (of course not, since it was illegal in England during Sir Conan Doyle’s time). I love the intensity of their bond, it’s unbreakable, and they suffer horribly in each other’s absence. This comes as quite a surprise to both Sherlock and Watson- with Sherlock being very nearly asexual, and Watson a staunch, conservative military man, but it’s definitely there, that chemistry that is now infamous once again. Sherlock, I believe, challenges John’s view of attraction and he struggles with that; Watson is a disciplined, compassionate man who challenges Sherlock’s cold, hard, and emotionless logic. They are the most unlikely of pairs, but need one another immensely.

Not to mention the *constant* subtext in the show regarding their ambiguous relationship. The creators have denied this, but they continually push it, leading some people to think they’re “queerbaiting.” I honestly think they’re doing it consciously, but choosing not to cross that line because if they did, it would immediately ruin whatever it is that makes these two so fascinating. I honestly hope they never make these two lovers- their chemistry as it stands is a beautiful example of blurred boundaries and unrequited, confusing sexual tension. (Yes, sexual- watch the clips and tell me I’m wrong.) We already know they love each other, that’s been established, but everything else now is up to a best guess.

I love, I LOVE seeing things like this in film and television now. What a release.

And the most telling scene of all is John Watson talking to Irene Adler (The Woman) starting at 1:15 and ending at 1:45. She flat out tells him that he and Sherlock are a couple, and that it doesn’t matter if he’s gay, because she *is* gay, and they’re both in love with Sherlock regardless. And she’s fucking right on.


~ by hln351 on February 10, 2015.

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