Favorite LGBT Films: Heavenly Creatures (Pauline Parker and Juliet Hulme)

Juliet Hulme and Pauline Parker

Juliet (left), Pauline (right)- photos taken after arrest

Heavenly Creatures Clip: The Car Scene

Oh, good Lord, Heavenly Creatures. I am absolutely in love with dark stories. I can’t help it, I understand them, and I admire the honesty. My favorite stories are all dark: Interview with the Vampire, Hannibal, Death in Venice, Farewell My Queen, and this film.

This one is a gem. Based on the true story of the famous Christchurch, New Zealand murder of Honora Parker (Pauline’s mother) at the hands of Pauline Parker and her best friend/possible lover Juliet Hulme. Wow, what darkness in this film, what insanity. And it’s beautiful despite its sad and tragic ending. These two girls were obsessed- OBSESSED- with each other, and together, they created an entire fantasy world around them where they spent all their time, mostly because both girls were disgusted and bored with their real lives much to the concern of both sets of parents. The two girls are in danger of being separated permanently towards the end of the film, and believing Pauline’s mother to be the obstacle that stands between them, the girls plan and carry out her murder. Horrifying. And yet, in the film- which accurately portrays their obsession with each other- these two share a love unlike any other I’ve seen.

It’s beautiful.

When I first saw this a few years ago, I watched nothing but this for a few weeks straight. There is something highly sinister about the bond between these two, and proved to be a fatal attraction in the end. Both were eventually charged for the murder and sentenced, but due to their young age, they only served 5 or so years each, and then both were sent to different corners of the globe. They haven’t seen each other since. Not too long ago, it was revealed that Juliet Hulme was in fact the best selling crime/mystery writer Anne Perry. She doesn’t answer many questions about the murder (and isn’t too honest about what she does answer in my opinion), and I’ve often wondered if she’d ever regretted not reaching out to Pauline after all these years. I read somewhere that it was a condition of their release that they have no contact with one another again, but I think that rumor was proven not to be true. (Pauline was recently discovered in a rural area of England, and had also changed her name.)

I mean, the kind of fatal attraction that ends up in murder is best left in the past, but I wonder sometimes if these two don’t terribly miss each other. How many times in a life do you find a connection like that with someone? Very few. Though what they did was horrific, I can’t help but feel for them.





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    Post from an old blog site about one of my favorite LGBT films ever, Heavenly Creatures. I plan on expanding on this eventually. Trigger warning: murder, violence.

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