Girl with a Pearl Earring

This one is more…hmm, innocent than the other examples I’ve given, but there is a definite tinge of darkness (there is no such thing as an artist without a dark side)- this scene is from Girl with a Pearl Earring, and here the artist Vermeer is teaching a servant who works for him, Griet, about the hidden colors in the world around us- here, specifically clouds. There is a moment when Griet realizes that the clouds are not white, but several colors, and Vermeer is captivated by the fact that she can see this. It’s incredibly erotic- there is no greater intimacy for an artist than to be able to successfully make another see through their eyes. This whole film, though fiction- Vermeer was real, however- (and a stellar adaption from the book), is epic in scope with its unabashed exploration of the eroticism of art and those touched by it. It’s phenomenal.


~ by hln351 on February 9, 2015.

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