India and Charlie Stoker

And, of course, there’s the very taboo conversation about incest. Now, this I personally do not understand, at all- the idea of it disgusts me because I do, in a way, believe it to be more harmful than good, and it’s biologically very dangerous, but the fact remains that it also exists. And there are stories that deal with this. This scene here deals with an uncle and a niece. And once again, I stress that these situations must be taken within the context in which they’re presented. The film, Stoker, is extremely dark and deals with the the idea of the “serial killer” gene being passed from family member to family member. And in this case, the uncle is the killer, and India is as well, but doesn’t know this until her uncle teaches her who she really is. It’s obsessive, it’s dark, it’s passionate, and the chemistry between them singes the fucking screen, especially in this scene. It’s there. And it’s being dealt with, it’s being faced. This parallels real life. Yes, these are all fictional stories, but they reflect life, they reflect us. And this needs to be confronted. I’m so grateful this film exists.

Not to mention the nod to Stoker- the man himself, and the vampire allusion.


~ by hln351 on February 8, 2015.

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